COVID-19 DIY Brow Tips

COVID-19 DIY Brow Tips

COVID-19 DIY Brow Tips 1100 650 Raluca MB

If like me you’re having to self isolate and stay at home during COVID-19, here are some DIY brow tips to keep your brows fresh.

Behold the plethora of products available to help beauty lovers recreate such treatments at home. Sephora has almost 100 results for brow make-up; Hourglass recently launched an entire Unrestricted Brow Collection with specific products to fill, define, build and set brows; and Benefit has more unique brow styling cosmetics than fingers you can count on.

Yara Ayoob, Benefit Cosmetics’ regional brow artist, says that with the right tools, women can mimic the look of lamination and microblading at home – namely Benefit Brow Pencil and 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel. When used to brush the hairs upward, the latter creates a laminated finish, Ayoob explains. She advises then “pressing the hairs upward with your finger” to add to that effect.

Once the gel dries, use the former to fill in any gaps. “The tip of the pencil is super-thin, and allows you to draw hairlike strokes so the result of your brows will mimic that of microblading,” she says, so you can create a full, brushed up look from home.

– Check out SEPHORA for the latest brow goodies. –

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