How to Choose the Right Permanent Makeup Artist

How to Choose the Right Permanent Makeup Artist

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Permanent makeup, when done well can be life changing. It can transform how you look and feel each and everyday, making you feel confident from the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to bed at night, not to mention saving you time when it comes to everyday grooming. With this in mind, it’s important to choose the right permanent makeup artist, to achieve the day to day look you desire.

The clues in the name – permanent makeup is for the long term, and so it’s essential that you do your research, ask all the right questions and feel happy, confident and comfortable with your choice in a permanent makeup artist. Here’s how to choose the right permanent makeup artist for you…

Find an artist and a technician…

There is a difference between a permanent makeup technician and a permanent makeup artist. Understanding the mechanics of how to carry out cosmetic tattooing but not an understanding of the facial structure and how to create a natural and complimentary outcome will just result in an artificial finish. It’s important to select an artist that has a full understanding of the facial structure, in order to create a natural look that’s right for your unique face shape and colouring.

When you start to research potential artists, look at their previous work to help you find an artist that replicates the style you want to achieve.

Check their reviews

After you’ve shortlisted some of the technicians, a great way to make the list even shorter is by reading their reviews in full detail. There is no better way of knowing if someone is doing a good job or not. Steer clear of places with no or minimal reviews, since they are either new to this business or doing it poorly.

Check their credentials and certification

This step might be more challenging than the others, especially if you are not sure what exactly is that you are looking for. When talking about credentials, we primarily talk about whether the person has the license of the technician and how much training they had.

The technician’s license

We know that the license doesn’t say much about how well this person does his or her job, but it definitely gives validity to the technician’s practice and makes you feel more secure. The license is usually publicly displayed in the artist’s practice, so be sure to check this when you go on a consult, if not before.

The training they received

Another equally important thing that will help you decide is the amount of training the artist received. If they are well-experienced technicians with a lot of hours spent with the needle and the pigment, they won’t be shy to show it.

The world of permanent makeup is constantly changing with innovations happening almost on daily basis. You will want to have the artist who is following these trends and who is constantly improving his or her skills. So, check what kind of training the person went though and check them online afterwards.


In the world of micro-pigmentation and permanent makeup, years of experience do not necessarily mean a good technician. Therefore, the key question here is not how many years of experience the person has but how many procedures they do on daily or weekly basis? And, are they up to date with the newest trends?

The best way to find the answers to these questions is to try and find out how many procedures they do daily or weekly. If they keep a busy schedule, this probably means they are well-trained and with lots of experience. If, on the other hand, they have one or two appointments a week, they are probably rusty and you might want to avoid them, regardless of the years of experience.

Check their before and after photos

Checking the portfolio with before and after photos is also an important step in your search. Every great artist will want to showcase his or her previous procedures and display what they have done in the past. These photos nicely show their skills and how the end results look like. If they are experienced artists, they will have a comprehensive list of the microblading, microshading, freckle tattooing, or whichever other treatment they performed, not just a single case of each. This will help you get to know their style and decide whether or not it is suitable for you.

If the photos are not enough for you, you can always try and find patient’s reviews and see what is their opinion and experience with the given procedure. There are many platforms and blogs where people talk about their experiences, so you might be lucky and find someone who talked about the treatment you want.

Check the price

The price of any permanent makeup treatment depends on many factors. The most important ones are the popularity of the treatment in your area and the experience of the artist and the quality of the materials used. When talking about the price, the most important rule is to stay away from people charging suspiciously low. The reason for this most probably is their inexperience and perhaps even the lack of license and proper training. You definitely do not want to be the guinea pig they will use to practice on, trust us when we say it. There are numerous examples of botched treatments which will give you chills by only looking at them.

Therefore, first check the price range for the given treatment and go with that, avoiding any suspicious deals. If you haven’t saved enough money, it is better to wait a few months and then do it properly, then do something you’ll regret.

Correction policies

Another thing you should check is the correction policy and whether or not they are included in the price. There are many treatments, such as e.g. microblading that require a touch up session a few weeks after the original procedure, which many artists include in the price. Check this with your artist before you decide.

Book a consultation…

You should never make an appointment to have permanent makeup without having a consultation beforehand. A consultation gives you a chance to meet the artist, discus what you want to achieve and your expectations, and ask any questions you might have. In addition, it also gives you an opportunity to get a feel for the person and where they work.

Your gut feeling plays a strong role in decision making, so meeting someone in person and going to the clinic where you will have your treatment will help you decide if it’s right for you.

Don’t be afraid to book more than one consultation, or feel obliged to go ahead with someone because they spent time discussing what you want to achieve with you – you need to be completely comfortable and confident in the decision you make, so don’t allow anyone to put pressure on you.

Ask questions…

Your consultation is your time to ask all the questions you need, and don’t be afraid to ask all the questions under the sun. Check that they can achieve the result you want, ask about their qualifications and insurance, ask to see examples of their work, ask how experienced they are…what ever you need to know, just ask. In getting all the information you need, this will help you make an informed decision, and one that you are confident in.

Making your final decision

After you’ve found your potential makeup artist, book a consult and don’t be shy with questions. Ask about the procedure and everything else you wish to know.

Pay attention to the technician’s communication skills because this will tell you a great deal about how knowledgeable and experienced they are. If they talk fluently about the treatment and know how to answer the questions without hesitation, they’ve probably done it many times. If, however, they show hesitation and answer to many questions vaguely, it is perhaps better to choose someone else.

The artist should be knowledgeable about the subject matter and answer your questions clearly and fully. Also, they should be familiar with what to do in case of any kind of complications, such as allergy, irritation or something similar. They need to be fully informed about each skin type and how it behaves during the procedure.

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