How to Grow Out, Shape, and Tweeze Your Own Brow

How to Grow Out, Shape, and Tweeze Your Own Brow

How to Grow Out, Shape, and Tweeze Your Own Brow 1100 650 Raluca MB

Right now, it’s more about nurturing, maintaining, and, if you want to enhance your brow shape, using product, rather than trying to change the shape entirely. Here are some easy tips for shaping, tweezing (turns out when you do it matters), trimming, and growing out your brows work as well at home as they do anywhere.


The easiest way to make your brows look groomed is with products: If you don’t trust yourself and think you’re probably going to butcher your brows by plucking them yourself, you can put it off entirely by using brow makeup. To make thin brows look fuller and longer, shade them throughout with tinted brow gel or powder. Brow hair is naturally ashy, so tinted products give it a nice gloss and help you even the hair into a single tone, so your brows look more defined. Powder builds up brows in a softer way, while gel smooths haywire hairs into place for a more polished effect.

To simply streamline overgrown brows without tinting them, brush them through with clear brow gel or face oil. You put hair gel in your hair to create, say, a slick ponytail, Brow gel or even face oil can manipulate brow shape in the same way. If your brows have sparse areas or if you’ve created a gap from rogue plucking, fill in those areas with a pencil, which is more for spot-treating, rather than bulking up the entire brow with a gel or powder.


Don’t try to totally reshape your brows yourself unless you feel really confident.

To clean things up, though, pluck only the excess hairs growing out around your brow and leave everything else alone. Follow the shape from your last professional brow shaping, if you had one. A face oil can help soften brow hair, and it also leaves the skin around the brow supple, so that when you do pluck, the hair slides out more easily than it would if your skin were dry. We’d also recommend plucking right after you take a shower, when skin is damp and pores are open, so that it’s easier and less painful to grasp the entire hair from root to tip. The genius little kit below has everything you need—tweezers and scissors (from the gold-standard Swiss tweezer manufacturer Rubis) and a spooley brush—to create your best brows at home. (LA brow artist and salon owner Kristie Streicher, who created it, has amazing tutorials on her site.)


Brush your brows up with a spooley so that you’re able to see the hairs that extend above your defined brow line. Trim those. Trim at a slight angle rather than cutting hairs straight across, which results in a clunky, less natural-looking shape. Hairstylists cut hair at an angle to go with the natural movement of your layers. A blunt brow cut looks abrupt. Even if you have trouble growing out your brows, the hair you do have may still grow too long and need to be trimmed.


Hair removal can be irritating to your skin, so it makes some people break out. Prep your skin with a clean, gentle astringent before you pluck. You want something soothing and mildly exfoliating.


Consistency is key. You know how hairstylists tell you to regularly brush the hair on your head and massage the scalp to encourage growth?. It’s the same with brows, so brush them with a spooley and smooth them down with oils regularly. Waiting, of course, is the hardest part. It can take up to two years to grow out your brows, and everyone’s growth cycle is different. And it can vary with the stages of life: Some pregnant women’s brows fall out (and grow back), and people with thyroid issues can experience hair loss at their brows just the way they can with hair on their head.

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