Is it safe to get my brows done during the Corona virus outbreak?

Is it safe to get my brows done during the Corona virus outbreak?

Is it safe to get my brows done during the Corona virus outbreak? 1100 650 Raluca MB

Does working from home mean more time for treatments (asking for a friend)?

If COVID-19 has you questioning your beauty appointments, you’re not alone. We’re not sure if we can go for a run outside, or say good morning to our neighbours (from a safe distance), ket alone take a trip to the beauty salon. As more of the population is working from home and that lunch break turns into time to catch up on general life admin – beauty treatments included – but we’re second-guessing if social distancing is included in these kinds of scenarios.

If you had a brow appointment on the cards, or yours are looking a little untamed there are solutions. Like my tutorial video – watch below:

Now more than ever people need to be going to trusted and well respected salons. The old ‘quick and cheap’ option needs to be strongly reconsidered. If you’re unsure you should call the salon to discuss hygiene practises as this is a great way to assess whether you feel it’s safe to go to a salon. Most reputable places are being extra vigilant and should not have an issue answering any COVID-19 related questions you may have.

Brow bars and salons are most often incredibly clean and hygienic places – they legally must be to operate. Tools, surfaces and hands are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in between clients to prevent any cross contamination. My studio is a private, by appointment only space shared with a plastic surgeon – so its surgically clean. I will however be changing my practise to meet the recommended government guidelines and will only allow one client in the studio at a time. I wear a mask and gloves with all clients anyway but will now offer this option to clients as well. I also ask clients to wash their hands whilst in my studio.

After each treatment everything is washed down with medical grade cleaning products and clients do not cross with any other clients during their visit. It also goes without saying that anyone who is sick, has a family member who is sick or has been abroad must reschedule appointments.

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