The Ultimate Lash Serum

The Ultimate Lash Serum

The Ultimate Lash Serum 1100 650 Raluca MB

Full, thick lashes: there’s nothing like them. So, frankly, the bigger they are, the better.

The problem is, our quest for fuller, feathery lashes may well be hindering rather than helping proceedings. Naturally, we have around 200-300 lashes on each eyelid, we lose roughly four lashes a day and it takes about three months for them to grow to their full length, before they shed and the whole process starts again. But, in our effort to make our lashes (which, on average, reach about 1cm in length), even longer and fuller, we’re putting them under undue stress.

We want to be reconditioning and replenishing our lashes each evening to mitigate breakage and create a healthy environment for new lashes to grow. The answer? A good lash serum. Specifically, one filled with peptides, vitamins, and lash-promoting ingredients. Introducing Careprost’s Serum, a high-performance eyelash growth serum that strengthens, thickens and actually works! It’s a heroic example of scientific technology clinically proven to lengthen the lashes. It now available in my shop.

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