What does the Microblading procedure look like on oily skin?

What does the Microblading procedure look like on oily skin?

What does the Microblading procedure look like on oily skin? 1100 650 Raluca MB

Microblading is generally done in two sessions. During the first one, the artists will draw your brows and fill them to the best of their ability, and leave them to heal for a few weeks. After the healing process is done, you need to go for a touch-up session during which all the imperfections and potential gaps are filled and corrected.

A minimum of two sessions are necessary for this treatment. In the cases of oily skin, an additional, third session may be required as well. The need for it will depend on your skin’s ability to retain the pigment and how successful the healing process was. If, e.g., you accidentally scratched (which is a big no no) the brows while they were scabbing, the pigment may have fallen off, which will require a touch-up.

How long does microblading last with oily skin?

If you find a professional with the knowledge how to approach oily skin during this treatment, you can expect to have your microbladed brows for around a year. The properly trained artists with lots of experience will know what to do, and what pigments to use to ensure your eyebrows last as long as possible. Note however, that the healing process is equally important as the procedures itself, so it is up to you as well. Also, to make them stay longer, you should avoid any chemicals with acids or retinol that can make pigment fade.

When you see them losing color, you should schedule a touch-up and you can have your brows as long as you wish. However, you should know that you will probably have to do it more often than people with dry skin.

Main takeaways

To sum up, performing a microblading on oily skin is indeed possible. The truth is that the procedure itself is slightly more aggressive when applied on oily skin, and maintenance can be a bit trickier. It requires paying more attention to them in the healing process, and perhaps, do touch-ups more often. But the results can be definitely worth it!

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