You’re Never Too Old for Microblading…

You’re Never Too Old for Microblading…

You’re Never Too Old for Microblading… 1100 650 Raluca MB

Microblading can really act as a fountain of youth for older clients because oftentimes their eyebrows can be sparse from decades of over-plucking or the hair has just flat out stopped growing. This means a daily routine of filling in their brows.

What to consider before booking your appointment

If your eyes have sunken a bit with age, ask your microblader to create a brow that is slightly lower and straighter, elevating slightly at the tail. If the brow is too arched, it can accentuate the space between the brow and the contour of the eye, and make the eyes look even more sunken in and sad.

If your face has become plumper over the years, you’re better off asking for a slightly more elevated arch, which will help elongate the face a bit.

If you have a square jawline, request a rounder shape over angular brows or a straighter line. It will create a lovely equilibrium within the face and balance sharp angles.

Shorter hair? Make sure you don’t bring your brows too close together at the bridge of your nose. It can impart an angry, masculine appearance. It’s important to always space the inner brows so they are in line with the corner of the centre of the eye.

As for colour, it’s best to stay as close to your natural hair colour as possible, but if you have gone grey or platinum, ask for a deeper shade to offset the starkness of the bright hair and give your face a true frame.

If you are going darker with your brows, don’t go too thick, or you risk a too-heavy brow. You can afford to go a bit thicker if you are staying true to a lighter shade of brow.

Don’t forget the tail of your brow. If it’s left too thin, it can leave brows looking unfinished and make you appear older. Your microblade brow technician should take time and care to measure your brows specifically and create a balanced shape, length and width that suits your face and frames it perfectly.

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